• HubSpot certified digital marketer with over 25 years of experience driving over $100MM in revenue for 250+ brands
  • Co-founder of an international digital agency and hands-on experience with 3 startups
  • Featured in Entrepreneur and Forbes magazines
  • Manages an impressive portfolio of affiliate blogs


Eric Melillo is an accomplished digital marketer and blogging expert with decades of experience helping brands, startups, and bloggers succeed online. As the CGO and Co-founder of an international digital agency, he has overseen over 1,000 successful campaigns and partnered with Fortune 500 companies.

Eric takes a data-driven, industry-leading approach to all his work, which is backed by over 50 certifications from giants like HubSpot and SEMrush. He discovered a lack of reliable blogging and digital marketing advice online, with much of the information not backed by data or best practices. Leveraging his unparalleled expertise, he ensures every piece of content he produces adheres to the latest industry standards.

In addition to writing, Eric consults new and established bloggers to help them thrive online. He has also delivered public speaking engagements about digital marketing and SEO best practices. When he's not working, you can find him staying active through cycling, martial arts, and more.


Eric studied Computer Science at the University of Connecticut. His expertise is backed by dozens of industry certifications in digital marketing, SEO, and sales enablement. As a lifelong learner, he stays on top of the latest trends and techniques.


Eric has a lofty yet achievable goal: to help one million people create a blog that earns $1 million a year. Now, that’s a mission you’d want to be a part of.

He is driven by a passion for empowering bloggers and entrepreneurs to build financial security through blogging. With his immense expertise and commitment to providing reliable guidance, Eric is the perfect mentor to help people thrive on their blogging journey.

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