Clickbank Review: #1 Affiliate Network (Pros & Cons)


clickbank review

Any online marketer who wishes to sell digital products will be fully aware of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing because it is the world’s largest and most well-known affiliate network. Several affiliates are earning 5-6 figures income in a month through this platform because its benefits are huge. In this post, let’s learn both benefits and limitations of Clickbank.


Clickbank provides you with a wide variety of digital products at various prices. The biggest advantage is that, compared to other affiliate programs, Clickbank offers a commission ranging from 10% to 70%.

As it has an excellent reputation for on-time payment, it connects more than 12,000 vendors crossing over 100,000 Clickbank affiliates.

There are various categories to choose the best product among several. You will never run out of products to advertise, as new items will be added regularly. Also, you do not need to indulge yourself in the production. It provides an enormous opportunity to get established as a major earner just by following certain techniques involved in affiliate marketing.

The other major benefit is that it is much easier to get into this market. Moreover, it’s unnecessary to invest money, as Clickbank profits from its vendor’s product. The foremost thing to become its affiliate is you need to sign up.

Once you have done with sing up process, you can opt for a digital product, and then you are allowed to use their own payment platform. This way, you can choose the product and advertise it on your website, which is easy and simple.

All the essential features of e-commerce business are available in Clickbank. You can use its own online shopping platform rather than setting up a new one on your site.


Before starting Clickbank affiliate marketing, knowing its limitations is as important as its advantages to emerge as a successful affiliate marketer.

There is no loss in signing up and choosing a product to advertise on your site. But while selecting a good product, you must be careful because there are many dummy products.

As quantity is inversely proportional to quality, Clickbank is less emphasis on quality than quantity. Several digital products out there are spam.

With other affiliate programs, you need to go with the product you believe in, but in the case of Clickbank, it’s many useless products. It is very difficult to choose the best one among those.

If you want to choose a good one, you must have difficulty identifying. Additionally, you may have to risk yourself in advertising the product to your site visitors.

Since there are many products, the competition is also high for genuine, high-quality products. For newbies, overtaking or competing with established affiliates is very difficult.

Overall, Clickbank Affiliate marketing is one of the best and most well-known affiliate programs. If you want to set up your business as a Clickbank affiliate, then patience, persistence, and effort play a major role in achieving success in this platform.

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