10 Creative Postcard Design Ideas


creative postcard design ideas

Internet may have changed most industries and niches, but some offline shops and professionals are still fighting hard to remain relevant (and succeeding!). In today’s article, we bring you an overview of the 10 best postcard designs. We hope this helps you come up with your own, creative postcard design ideas for your next direct mail campaign.

Unsure how to design a postcard that looks good? No worries, just keep it minimalist. Minimalism is a growing trend in postcard design and you’ll see quite a few minimalist and simplistic prints in our breakdown.

Well, let’s cut to the chase and check out the most creative postcard designs!

We’ll start with a few simplistic postcards and move on to more complex designs that will require a bit more work and effort on your part. If you need a quick solution for your postcards, we highly recommend that you stick with a minimalist postcard design, similar to the first two entries that you’ll find below.

1. Signal

2. Exito

Looking for something a bit more artistic and creative? We’ve got you covered with these hand-drawn postcard designs! If you’re looking to create a similar postcard, keep in mind that you may need a few hours to draw it out.

3. Pinterest Postcards

4. Space Promo

5. Spring Postcard

6. Letterpress Postcard

Need a text-based postcard design for an upcoming event? Check the samples below that will go well with just about any type of event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or even, god forbid, a memorial.

7. Rosario Wedding

8. Self Promo Postcard Design

If you’re looking for inspiration for a postcard that needs to contain a photo, we recommend that you check out the following postcard designs.

9. Spectrum Realty

10. Cost and County Realty

We hope this was enough to inspire you to create your own creative postcard design. If you have any comments or suggestions on postcards to include, feel free to leave us a comment below!

Need more ideas? Be sure to check out Pinterest!

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