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Find keywords with quora

The definition of modern SEO has changed with the introduction of Quora.

The questions from Quora clearly highlight that SEO is all about meeting users’ requirements.

Therefore, let’s not make SEO a complicated topic. And here, you will learn how to find low competition long tail keywords using Quora for your blog post, which is the most crucial part of today’s SEO trend.

You are well aware that millions of blog posts are published every month, most of which are in written form. As a result, you have only two options: you will be washed out or stand out from the crowd.

Big brands target searches with high volume because of their huge marketing budgets.

For a smaller online business, targeting long-tail keywords is always better; this is where Quora comes into the picture.

If you are searching for the keyword “blogging tips,” the search volume is high. Therefore, considering low competition long tail keywords like “blogging tips for beginners in 2016” helps to rank high on Google Engine Result Page easily.

Look at this comparison of conversation rates with respect to keyword length.

You can notice that the conversion rate is inversely proportional to the keyword length as per the above fig.

Click Through Tate for 1, 2, and 3-word searches are less because these are too generic, and many businesses would be bidding for such keywords, which leads to high competition.

To overcome this, you must find low competition long tail keywords using Quora. There are several ways to generate it. However, I will show you how to generate long tail keywords using Quora in this article.

Quora Keyword Research

Quora is the most well-known and 140th largest site in terms of visitor volume globally.

Finding the relevant question and the respective answer from the industry’s thought leaders is easy. It has millions of members.

To avail of the benefits of Quora, you need to register for it. In the sign up process, you will be suggested a “Knows About” area, where you can choose the topics that you want to get the question on.

If you are smart enough, you can generate long tail keywords from related questions. Let’s take one of the examples “what is the best way to increase keyword ranking in Google?”

As you can see, the keywords from the above snapshot don’t end with the questions.

The fact is that these keywords are actually questions, where user type on a Google search, but it doesn’t look like that.

By analyzing the questions on Quora, you can understand the intent behind any search term.

Now based on the above Google keyword planner, you can find the following assumption for the keyword “best SEO tools”

  • What are the best SEO tools for bloggers?
  • Where to find the best SEO tools for beginners?
  • List of top 5 best SEO tools

Here there is no end to the assumptions; it goes on and on…

But remember, Quora is the one-stop solution to identify the exact intent behind the search keyword.

The questions that originate from Quora have great potential and represent real keywords.

How to find the blog topics to write using Quora?

What are your favorite tools for brainstorming blogging ideas? as shown in the figure? You can draft the blog post based on the following headlines.

  • 13 favorite tools for brainstorming blogging ideas from experts.
  • Align to these favorite tools for brainstorming blogging ideas.
  • How to discover your favorite tools for brainstorming blogging ideas?

How to avoid over-optimization of your exact keyword phrase

Now you know and are well aware of the benefits of Quora, but you should avoid over-optimizing those availed exact keyword phrases.

You can do so with the help of LSI keywords i.e, Latent Semantic Indexing, which is just the synonyms. It helps Google understand your topic and to which audience it refers.

For example, if you are writing an article about Apple, you must use keywords like Apple iPad, Apple Nano, Apple iPhone, etc. In the case of Apple fruit, you should include the name of other fruits.

When you perform a Google search, you can find the words like starting a blog, business, how to blog, blogging tips for the beginner, and successful blogging tips are the LSI keywords used.

You should repeat these words in any article on blogging tips.

The above tips on finding low competition long tail keywords using Quora work well, and you can avail the real fruits of SEO if you follow the steps mentioned above.

In case if you get any queries or clarification regarding this article, please share it below in the comment section.

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